Better ventilation

By greenteapanda

January 30, 2009

Category: Living

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Earlier this month I bought some ducting to improve the airflow in my shower. It didn’t really get the job done, especially with a new neighbour just adding humid air into the space above all the apartments on this floor. Today I took a free route of fixing the problem: I moved the ventilation fan from the ceiling to the window area and sealed off the top with clear tape like so:

Previously, I could not open the window from the left side, as it seemed to be locked into that position. It turned out that with a lot of force, I could move it. That corner is where most of the humid air from other apartment showers enter mine, so it is the best place to have the fan exhaust outside. Instead of taking an hour for the mirror to de-mist, it now takes less than a minute after a shower. The air is also better – stale air actually gets moved rather than stay in the shower all day long.


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