Zoo Poo Poo 來了便知道

By greenteapanda

January 26, 2009

Category: Animals

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I went to the Taipei Zoo today as early as I could in order to see the pandas on display. I will talk about that and show pictures from that tomorrow. There was another reason for me to want to come to the zoo recently – an exhibition called Zoo Poo Poo. At various places around the zoo, they have factoids about the poop of different animals.

Near the entrance, there is a wall of Poop Art, entitled 黃金藝術 in Chinese (Golden Art). I’d think golden would better describe the other waste product from animals, but I guess that is just me.

Another section of the zoo demonstrated the process of converting poop into energy. Unlike in the USA, it seems that pig waste is actually put to some use here, though I still would not ever want to eat pig:


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