GTA IV PC Chinese

By greenteapanda

January 20, 2009

Category: Games

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One of the reasons I built a fancy computer was to play Grand Theft Auto IV on it. It is a notorious game for its insane hardware requirements, but I wanted to be able to play at the full resolution of my monitor. Many people complain that even on the lowest settings, it runs too slowly to be playable on their PC. On my system, the main limitation was video memory. It will run on the highest settings, but it crashes often.

When playing the game, I often get RESC10 errors. Not user friendly, but looking it up on this long table of error codes, I know that the game ran out of video memory. My 9800GTX+ card has 1GB of video memory, which is the most one can get on a consumer level card. ATI sells a 4870X2 2GB GDDR5 card, but that card has two graphics processors on it. GTA IV will only use one graphics processor, and each processor can only access 1GB of memory. Hence, it has no more memory that GTA IV could access.

Other people online seem primarily CPU limited. The Core i7 processor is much faster than the previous Core 2 Quad – GTA IV maxes out at 29% processor usage. Since updating video drivers, it maxes at 25%. I get 44FPS. I want even higher quality graphics, but it seems that is not possible until I can run two graphics cards at the same time or I can buy a card with more memory accessible to the GPU.

In any cases, the crashes are somewhat useful since there are things I need to get done which don’t include GTA IV, so this gets me focused on those things. One of those things is reading the manual, which in Taiwan comes with a whole sheet of translated street names and other aspects of Liberty City.


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