Insanely Fast

My new computer basics:

  • Core i7 920 2.66 GHz (quad core, this CPU overclocks to as high as 4.2GHz on stock cooling)
  • 6GB RAM Intel-certified XMP RAM (good for overclocking)
  • 1.5TB HDD
  • Nvidia 9800GTX+ 1GB graphics card
  • 4x Blu Ray drive (With Internet and USB keys, there isn’t much need for me to actually burn optical disks anymore)

Due partially to laziness, I installed the 32-bit beta of Windows 7 once I brought it home a few hours ago. The installation only took 10 minutes. It was the 32 bit version, since I needed to burn that version for a friend, and it happened to be the last DVDR I had lying around. It isn’t the most appropriate version, since 32-bit operating systems don’t allow full use of memory on computers with more than about 3.25GB of RAM.

I plan to install operating systems and do system recovery with USB keys in the future – it doesn’t matter if I scratch those, and the installation should be even faster than the awesome Blu Ray drive in my new computer can manage with a DVD. I am still familiarising myself with the plethora of options on the BIOS of my new computer.

Anyhow, once I booted into Windows 7, it felt insanely fast. Fast like I have experienced on the PC only two other times in my life:

  1. One of my friends got a 486/DX2 66MHz back in the day, when that was the best Intel chip available. It ran Windows 3.1. Everything loaded instantaneously. There were no visual effects that slowed things down, since there were not fancy graphics cards back then. It was a great Minesweeper machine at first, until there was other software. As a Windows 3.1 computer, it couldn’t be beat.
  2. Microsoft had just introduced Internet Explorer 4.0. One of my PC fanatic friends installed it on WindowsNT. Whereas I had been used to graphics loading one by one, each page loaded up so fast it was as if it were reading text files off the local hard drive. Due to security holes and fixes, IE 4 became slower and slower very quickly, but that did not change my initial impression of the software.

True, I haven’t installed anything on it, but for the first time visual glitter did not get in the way. Ever since Microsoft added fading menus to Windows back in Windows 2000, the interface has felt slow. Vista’s interface felt especially slow, because the underlying system wasn’t optimised. Now I am running a more optimised version of Vista on a much faster computer than I am accustomed to. The interface didn’t get in the way. There are some animated elements, but I can do everything I want to do while those animations complete – things like the desktop background changing. It can change while I open an app, with no lag.

It has a Light Aura theme with translucent yellow windows (basically, it looks like urine), so I imagine Mac fanatics will pick on that. It works quite well though.

If there is anything that is slow, it is everything else other than the computer. Other things don’t give it data fast enough to be challenged. It is going to do well in the roles I have planned for it…


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