New Computer

As a friend’s computer got stolen, I thought I would take the initiative to give away my current computer and build a new one. It would be the first new computer I built for about 5 years. Since I pay a flat rate every month for my electricity, I would be free to get a computer that is very powerful without having to consider the electrical draw too much.

I carefully pieced the computer together a Core i7 computer built with plans for extreme overclocking. However, when I turned it on the first time to test, the fans span up, span down, span up, span down, … no sounds, no video. I could tell that the power supply worked because I could connect things to it and have them work.

Because it did not work, and had to take out things like the RAM and video card one by one to see what could be wrong. I tested the computer parts outside the case (since something could have been causing a short circuit). I suspected the motherboard was defective.

I took the parts back to the computer market. My RAM is too new and rare for the shop to have diagnostic equipment (DDR3 1600), but they think that is the problem. They verified my 900GTX+ 1GB video card works by plugging it into their system. I will find out tomorrow about the RAM, since it has to be tested in another place.

Update: It was the RAM. So much for paying extra to get good quality.


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