Sony Vaio P

Hot on the heels learning about the new Apple 17” MacBook “Pro”, Sony introduced the Vaio P. Unlike that Apple, I was able to use a Vaio P today, though they won’t be for sale until next month. I wasn’t impressed by photos on the Internet, but it is really something that has to be seen to be used.

I could see myself using it as a mobile phone with Skype software, seeing as there aren’t any phones I am impressed with enough to buy. Other than additional memory, there is nothing improved over the Motorola I bought in China over three years ago. The iPhone is super expensive here because it is only sold unlocked. Apple has to – phone rates here are far cheaper than in western countries, so the money can’t be made over the life of a contract. I spend less in a year here on phone payments than I would in one month in the west.

With a sharp screen, I am sure that Wenlin would also look extremely impressive on the screen. The size makes it much more portable than a “portable computer”. I could stick it in my stack of papers. The iPod Touch/iPhone don’t have any particularly good Chinese-English dictionaries, certainly not on the level of Wenlin.

It would be really neat to run Mac OS X on it, but there aren’t any drivers for the video chip in the Vaio P. Unlike the English articles which don’t mention it, it was one of the top questions on the Chinese FAQ.

While it is not a Mac, it will fulfill my goal of getting a computer with a Taiwanese keyboard on it. I like to get computers and/or keyboards that have keys unique to that country. I’ve had a Japanese PowerBook and I am typing on a Korean Apple keyboard right now. Unlike Apple’s computers, the Vaio P is cheaper in Taiwan than in the USA judging by the prices on their page. So when it comes out, it will be a good way to get a Taiwanese keyboard. In case you wondered, mainland China uses the same keyboard as the USA.

Compared to the size of my hand:


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