Credit cards

By greenteapanda

January 10, 2009

Category: Shopping

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A lot of people see Korea as being quite insular, but there is a certain very surprising way they are not: credit cards. As soon as I arrived there, I was able to sign up and get a card with over a $3000US limit (despite having no credit history whatsoever in Korea). Even cards that were not technically open to me, the salespeople tried to get everything to work out.

I bring this up because recently a number of locations around Taipei have had posterboards and people trying to sign up people for an RBS visa. I would sign up for one, not because I need the credit or because I’d want to optimise my credit curve, but rather because if one charges 50,000NT on the card, they can get a free folding bicycle.

I am pretty sure the bicycle is not very good, But it is still a fairly high value gift for doing nothing other than buying things on the card. It also means that I would not have to pay money to rent a bike, which is one of the ways I might travel around during my Chinese New Year time off.

Anyhow, the people running this RBS promotion try to shove pamphlets into the hands of people walking by. But when I, as a foreigner walk by? They yank it away. Given how friendly Taiwanese people normally are toward foreigners, I can’t help but classify it as the rudest behaviour I have ever experienced in Taiwan.


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