New Year’s Resolution: Improve My Chinese

By greenteapanda

January 3, 2009

Category: Education

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I’ve thought about my New Year’s Resolution for awhile. I was thinking along the lines of helping people at first, but that only works when the people in question want to be helped. Times where people need help also depend a lot on things happening. Sometimes the best thing I could do to help somebody or a group of people will not be known until a particular event occurs.

I achieved my goals I made last year of improving my health and moving to Taiwan. While it is good to improve my health, that is something I would continue to do anyway, so it isn’t a good resolution. A good resolution will force me to improve myself and work hard.

That brought me to thinking about pushing myself to be a better Buddhist (improve my morals in some sort of profound way), but I figure that is also something that will happen anyway as I encounter new situations.

The only big area left to make huge improvements would be in my education. One clear area I can do that is in my Chinese study. It has lagged. I just got off the phone with a Chinese friend that noted while my reading and writing continues to improve, my spoken Chinese hasn’t improved at all since I came to Taiwan. I couldn’t agree more. This friend noted before that my spoken Chinese actually improved while I was in Korea, so it is pretty bad that I am in a Chinese speaking place and not seeing any benefits from that.

My goal: My listening ability will no longer lag any other area of Chinese ability. It is something I am going to have to work very hard to accomplish…


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