Xianji Yan Hiking Trail 仙跡岩

By greenteapanda

January 2, 2009

Category: Hobbies

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Since I have covered most of the central part of Taipei, and hiked a lot in the north, my most recent ventures have been on the south side. Just within the southern limits of Taipei is the Xianji Yan trail. It follows a crest. Looking north, one can see parts of Taipei not obscured by other hills and mountains. To the south, one can see Xindian. If I felt like walking further, I could have even gone to the zoo. Although they have a "Zoo Poo Poo" thing going on now, I want to wait until the pandas are on display. Until then, I have plenty more trails to walk along.

One of the interesting things about this trail is not so much the view (though it is nice in places), but the many rocks that have been painted with various faces, such as this one:

There aren’t many butterflies (though it could be the current cold weather), but I at least got to see some interesting plants as well.


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