Trash TV

Trash TV can be fun to watch – in fact, I think it is one of the few reasons to watch TV. If I want news, I can look at websites on the Internet. If I want to watch movies, I’d watch a DVD or watch online. If I want to learn something, I can read a book or look online. For watching complete idiocy, trash TV is perfect.

I have always maintained that Channel V is the perfect example of trash TV in Taiwan. It is a channel similar to MTV, but it makes MTV look great in comparison. When I was in I-Lan, and turned on the TV, Ronald McDonald was getting passionate cheers from the audience at a Taiwanese pop concert.

For me, Channel V had sunk to a new low. Real, traditional trash TV is like watching a wrestling match. Nobody even threw anything at Ronald McDonald. Nobody went up to him and let out their half digested remnants of a McDonald’s "meal" to improve his appearance. No slime covered him from a hole in the ceiling. I suppose all of these things would have raised the IQ level of Channel V too much. It seems that Channel V uses High Fructose Corn Syrup ads as a benchmark of IQ not to be exceeded.


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