Silver Pampas Grass Found

By greenteapanda

December 28, 2008

Category: Travel

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Sunday, I woke up early. While others played drinking games late into the night, I only played long enough such that I could see how the games work and see if I could adapt their drinking games into something usable in class. I didn’t wake up particularly refreshed, mainly because the others smelled of liquor and cigarette smoke. I went to the kitchen, where some of the other hostel guests were (not in the group I had come with) and ate some breakfast.

The woman pointed out that taking the bikes out were free. It wasn’t a particularly bright morning, but I would definitely feel more refreshed after a long ride. It was this ride that was the best part of my trip. It also only served to reinforce my thought that when I go somewhere, it is often best to go myself. That way, I can get more done. Even when I am with just one other person, I tend to tire them out. Just a few of the sights I saw as I rode around:

Off my path, a parade of some sorts. It kind of looked like a funeral procession, but they had fireworks, indicating it was something more festive. I didn’t stop to see what.

I also saw some of the elusive silver pampas grass. Not a large amount, but I now know it actually exists, and is not just the result of image manipulation:

Eventually I had to head back. The rain became a bit harder, but I wasn’t cold, nor was I unhappy. I appreciate dreary days a lot more now. The air is cleaner and the pitter patter of the raindrops calming.


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