In search of silver pampas grass

By greenteapanda

December 27, 2008

Category: Travel

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Recently I went to I-Lan (宜蘭) because I was told I could see silver grasses there. I met up with about 10 different people, many of which weren’t the type to go hiking or really see anything of interest on a trip. Those people got up late, arrived late, and since they were not really in a condition to move themselves after partying the night before, it was up to me to drive everyone around.

The crowd eventually decided that they were hungry, so we went to lunch. I had a single vegetarian plate at a seafood restaurant, while everybody else had a feast. Once the meal was finished, it was already 4:30pm, and because of the amount of food, most people were not in the mood to move around. This is what I ate:

We drove north to a place with a Mazu (goddess of the sea) Temple. Unlike many of the ones I have been to in Hong Kong, this one actually had a very good view of the Pacific Ocean. It is called Tiangong Temple (天公廟). It was where most of the other people stayed. I only took pictures before taking a hike to find some of the silver grass that I came for in the first place.

Due to my own non overeating, I had plenty of energy. However, the sky was dark (a cloudy, rainy day) and getting darker as sunset neared. Eventually, I did see some grass that was silverish, but it was not a huge patch as I was led to believe. It probably only looked silver because there was not enough light to make it look gold like all the other pampas grass in the world.

On this trip, I would see a lot more, but it turned out to be much closer to the hostel. My hike was mainly good for getting some fresh air and exercise.


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