Blazin’ Buffalo Wing Pringles

On my way to I-Lan, I spotted a kind of Pringles I hadn’t tried: Blazin’ Buffalo Wing Pringles. I looked carefully at the ingredient list, and noted there was not actually anything related to chicken – it was completely artificial. I was really hoping for the taste of buffalo wing sauce rather than any chicken flavour.
I tried some, but it didn’t actually seem to have any flavour at all! My friends noticed the same thing. After eating about half the can, I did notice a kind of buffalo-wing-sauce-ish taste. But it wasn’t strong. For an expensive can of Pringles, I found that quite disappointing. The only thing extreme about these Extreme Pringles was the lack of flavour.
Their venture upmarket about a year ago produced some interesting flavours, but they haven’t gone anywhere with that. What they should really do is bring back curry flavour, I ate those practically everyday in Japan until they disappeared from store shelves.

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