IE 8

As part of trying to solve the problems with photos on my blog, I decided to use a beta of Internet Explorer 8 on Windows.

After the recent changes, Internet Explorer 7 did not work properly with picture posts. I figure this was an effort to make people use Internet Exploder 8, because the people that made the changes did their best to break compatibility with every web browser. Previously, if I wasn’t making a picture post, I could use Opera on any platform. Firefox stopped working for making posts. After the changes earlier this month, that became impossible. I could only use Safari, and only if I typed in the raw HTML code myself.

Other than being able to add pictures (but not as well as it was prior to about December 3rd), Internet Explorer 8 is even worse. If I do a google search, I only get a listing of some of the search results that should be on the page. The old nickname, Internet Exploder, is especially relevant in this case.


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