Daikin Air Purifier

By greenteapanda

December 22, 2008

Category: Living

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I normally like to reduce the number of belongings I have, but lately the number has been growing, and will probably will grow some more, just to get rid of something I don’t want – dust. A few weeks ago, I bought a vacuum. My apartment has proven to be a dust machine. I have completely filled the canister of the vacuum 5 times since I got it. It took me several months in Korea, previously my highest dust living place.

After vacuuming 3 canisters of dust from my apartment this past weekend, I went out and bought a new air purifier – a Daikin MC709SC. I got it after discovering the cost of an IQAir was far higher than in other places. That excepted, it is basically the most expensive commonly available air purifier in Taiwan. I bargained the price down to a little over 15,000NT. It normally is 17,800NT.

It is much fancier than the Sharp I had in Korea. It is designed for a room 4x the size of my apartment, so it can clean the air much more quickly. The sensor that tells the unit to speed up when it smells something or encounters dust is much more sensitive than the Sharp. It is made in Japan. While the price may seem high, it comes with filters that unfold and can be pulled into place. It has 7 years of these filters, conveniently stored within the unit itself. Here is an overview of most of the features for an older model sold in the UK:
On the site, there is a diagram demonstrating the filtration process. More filters than my Sharp had:

Features on the model I have include a deodourising cartridge that you can put in places that might smell bad. Once the cartridge loses its deodourising functionality, there is a compartment on the side of the Daikin machine that will clean the cartridge and make it usable again.

It claims to kill mold, and seems to do an excellent job of it. I placed it in the bathroom in the afternoon. In the evening, there was noticeably less dust and mold on the walls and corners of the floor. The moldy smell was completely gone. Places that had resisted cleanup with household cleaners easily wiped off.

I slept even better to boot. The only downsides are that it makes a high pitched whine I can hear when other things are quiet (similar to a CRT-based TV – more annoying than louder white noise) and that I can’t turn off all the lights (I like sleeping in complete darkness). There is a button that turns off some of the display lights, but not all. A picture of it with its box:


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