Dealing with virus aftermath, fixing My Computer

I am very careful about not allowing viruses onto my own computer. I run antivirus software and I turn off autorun functionality. This doesn’t help me prevent getting viruses on my USB key though.

It can also be a problem if one goes from computer to computer, as you might spread a virus from one to the other, even if you didn’t have a virus on the key in the first place.

Thankfully, there is a way to make sure your USB key won’t spread viruses or pick them up on Windows, see this computer hint for making an uneraseable autorun.inf folder.

As I try to clean up the computers I come in contact with, the aftermath of the virus means that on Windows, it often can no longer open drives in my computer. There is a way to solve that problem too. After making sure the virus is gone, and before creating the special autorun.inf folder, use Notepad to make an autorun.inf file for all the drives you cannot open on Windows with the following contents:


Save the file and reboot the PC. You should be able to use drives from My Computer again. You don’t need to reinstall Windows to get back that functionality. But after doing this, it would be a good idea to make the special autorun.inf folder so you prevent many viruses from attacking your system.


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