By greenteapanda

December 18, 2008

Category: Shopping

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‘Tis the season to buy unusual and crazy gifts. It crossed my mind that the Skymall catalog offers such things. Normally it is just a piece of entertainment when I fly on an airline within the USA or on an USAsian airline outside the USA. I always wonder how people can buy certain things. Some of them are just crap, and some of them probably appeal to an unintentional crowd, such as this one:

This one is apparently used to make the back feel better if one has back problems by taking weight off and encouraging a straighter spine. I could even see it having practical use in front of the computer, since it would force people to have better posture. I know I often slouch over time. So even I’d get it for that.

But looking at the picture, I also wonder if people could use it to hang themselves if they jacked up the tension. Also, what if the chair breaks because the person sitting on it is too heavy? I have seen chairs collapse under the weight of their occupants more than once in my life…


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