New Scanner 新掃描器

I finally got a new scanner. I have one at home, but not in Taiwan. I found out that better models were coming, so I waited until now to buy one. I got an Epson Perfection V30 (Australian English page about it). While cheap, it has much better colour accuracy than my old Canon, even if it is a bit less convenient (my new one requires a mains cord, and only 110V at that). It also scans faster and can scan pages directly into pdf documents.

The downside is that the software on the Mac side is crap. The Arcsoft Mediaimpression software mainly seems to be spyware that keeps trying to phone home. It is probably added on the Mac side of things simply to be consistent, since iPhoto comes with a Mac and has more features as far as photo editing and management go.

The box says there should be OCR software, but on the Mac side, none was installed. Perhaps it would be installed if I select to install Chinese versions of software, but when it comes to software that comes with hardware (like my Wacom tablet, also acquired here), all sorts of weird things start happening if I need to run the software in a language other than Chinese. English installations work when the system language is set to any other language, which is why I typically choose to do it that way.


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