What happened Microsoft Live Spaces?

This would have been an entry about the Green Pea Sticks I ate yesterday, yet Microsoft has managed to completely screw up their blogging system. It is even worse than Apple’s .Mac/Mobile Me garbage.
Wonder why the font has changed? It is actually the least annoying part of the update. It is the one part I can revert.
If I wanted to use some dabian (yes, that is a Chinese cuss word, romanised so my blog isn’t censored!) like Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, MySpace, etc, I would have. They have already been in the model of encouraging users to give away their personal information so it can be harvested by advertisers for a long time. For years.
I only used MSN Spaces (and now Live Spaces) because it wasn’t ordinarily blocked inside of China like Blogger was. Now I have no convenient alternative updatable from any networked computer.
Photos are completely broken. For example:
  • I cannot easily label photos anymore. I used to be able to edit the labels as if it were a  text editor, tabbing between photos and typing/pasting in the information in quickly. Now I have to click through three different webpages PER photo! Even if I were on a fast connection, I”d still find it damn annoying.
  • The photos component has never worked properly for rotated photos (a very basic feature of the JPG picture spec). It used to be if I uploaded a photo, I’d have the opportunity to rotate it. Now even that feature is missing, and I have to save a special photo file just for the Windows Live Space!
  • Photos no longer get added to an entry. I press the add photos button, select what I want, but it doesn’t go to the correct place. Not only that, they decided to make a new blog photos album with a different name from the old one. Becoming messy like their desktop operating systems.
  • I can no longer reorder photos in an album. Changes in order I had made for continuity have now disappeared.
Until the idiots at Microsoft revert Spaces to its former functionality, this is my last and final post.

Update: At least while I look for another provider, I will be adding text based updates here by request.


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