Cheap Online Prescription Sunglasses

By greenteapanda

December 5, 2008

Category: Shopping

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I haven’t tried this, but I plan to next time I need a pair of glasses. From $8US for prescription polycarbonate lensed glasses. The ones I would get cost more like $55US, but still, they are a steal compared to other places.

South Korea used to be cheap for high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses, but even with the won nose-diving, the glasses there aren’t much cheaper than they would be in more developed countries.

Taiwan can be cheap depending on the frames and lenses one wants to purchase. For things I want to buy, even if I bargain hard, I would still be about $20US above this Zenni place, though I would get the glasses faster here.

That said, it doesn’t seem to be a great place for sunglasses (there aren’t any), but then again, the last pair of sunglasses I really liked here cost $600US (mainly because of the shape, the fact that they have a yellow-mirror finish on the lenses, and the fact they are made in western Europe. I have yet to purchase those, and I won’t be until at least one of my pairs of sunglasses break down.


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