Returning a bag

By greenteapanda

November 23, 2008

Category: Shopping

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One of the purchases I have made since getting to Taiwan has been my backpack. It is a combination backpack/ rolling bag, which I thought would be pretty useful.

It has never been particularly comfortable to wear on my back, but I am more annoyed that it is such poor quality. In the process of shopping for a rice cooker yesterday (and buying some other items I saw of interest in various stores), I added some things which were too much for the bag to handle.

One of the wheel tyres decided to break apart. This only added to the holes already forming on the bottom of the bag, the sides of the bag, and in the last remaining strap.

Even though it is past the 30 day return period at RT-Mart, I decided to go back and see what would happen. They no longer sell that particular bag, so they said they would send it back to the manufacturer to get it repaired. They will call me if there is any charge. Not bad at all, considering I no longer had the tags connected to the bag.

I am glad I won’t have to figure out how to dispose of that bag, though it may have been a bit more convenient to get rid of that backpack and the annoying down comforter packaging bag in one go.


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