Why can’t comforter packaging be recyclable or reusable?

By greenteapanda

November 21, 2008

Category: Living

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This week the temperature dropped to as low as 14 C at night. Not a cold temperature in some places at all. In fact, I know some people that would much rather be in Taipei at 14 C than their current situations with a temperature well below zero.

Anyhow, the humidity does make it seem a lot colder than it actually is, so I went out and bought a down comforter today. I can always put it under the bottom sheet to make my bed more comfortable when temperatures go back up again.

I got a great deal, 1190NT at RT-Mart, and it was not even on sale. Most of the things at RT-Mart seem to go on sale because they couldn’t sell them otherwise – poor quality stitching in clothing articles comes to mind, but it is not the only example. Anyhow, while I got the down comforter I wanted, there was something that made the package undesirable – the packaging itself.

Why is it that comforters often come in fairly heavy clear plastic suitcase-like packages? They often have a zipper in addition to plastic encasing a metal outer frame. This is stitched to the clear plastic. But can I use it again? No! The suitcase-like package can’t hold much more weight than the comforter – less than anything else I’d want to put in there.

I still have the box my PowerBook G4 came in back in 2002. After the handle broke, I used the box itself to send books through the mail to my next destination. It has far outlasted the PowerBook G4 that it once encased. But the huge suitcase packaging for the down comforter? No way. And I can’t even recycle it.


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