Scooter Pollution 小類摩托車污染

The air quality in parks around Taipei tends to be pretty good. Walking by the Xindian river is also great, partially because not many people go there compared to the number that go to the Han River’s banks in Seoul. Another big reason is that scooters aren’t allowed to go on many of the roads bordering the river park.

I was not surprised when I read this Korea Times article stating that a scooter produces 140 times as many hydrocarbons as a car. It is worse than that though, since many people on scooters don’t bother to ride on the street in Taiwan, creating two safety hazards. One is the possibility of hitting pedestrians – the other is polluting the air that pedestrians walk straight through.

On the other hand, electric scooters in China cost far less than the 3000USD claim in the article. They are even more of a safety hazard though, since they make no noise. That leads to a lot of accidents.


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