Mercury and Autism

There have been many news stories I’ve read about Hollywood stars protesting the amount of vaccines given to children, and then questionably blaming all these vaccines as the cause for the high levels of autistic children these days.

It didn’t make much sense until I read this article about thimerosal (a chemical containing mercury added to vaccines to prevent bacterial growth) and dental fillings. Apparently mercury fillings are considered safe by the American Dental Association, even though they release more mercury into people’s bodies than any other source these days. The ratio is something like 9 parts mercury from fillings/vaccines to 1 part mercury from seafood and other sources.

Some places have banned thimerosal, but mercury fillings apparently remain quite commonplace.


One Response to “Mercury and Autism”

  1. I heard something similar to that in which people were allergic to the mercury vapor from "amalgams". Sad!

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