One of my favourite restaurants in Taipei is a small chain called Sababa. They serve falafel and hummus, amongst other things. As you may well know, hummus is one of the favourite foods of white people.

Anyhow, they recently came out with new items on their menu. The only one of those that is vegetarian is a Sweet Ginger Carrot Soup (暖薑紅蘿蔔濃湯).

It is awesome! I hope to learn how to make it. Unlike a lot of soups that are merely sweet or savoury, this one has a nice kick to it. The only unfortunate part is that to get it more cheaply with a falafel, you have to get it with a fountain drink. Yuck.

The only other thing I could wish for is an Ethiopian restaurant in Taiwan. To my knowledge, there isn’t a single one on the entire island. There also isn’t any easy way to get the ingredients necessary to make Ethiopian food here myself either.


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