An ordinary buffet – 素食天地自助餐店

I have shown a lot of pictures from special restaurants. To save money though, a lot of people go to buffets where the food is weighed and charged accordingly. I went to such a place today, at 臺北市大安區和平東路一段182號。
The sign proclaims it is vegetarian heaven, and it was in fact nice food for the 155NT I paid。
They had fried rice in the buffet itself, but brown rice was available by the bowl for 12NT, a much better option for people who want rice. White rice was also available, but it did not seem like other customers wanted that. As people know me probably figured, I sampled the different dumplings they had:
My favorite part was the rolls in the upper left of the picture. They aren’t anything like spring rolls. There were some vegetables, but the flavor was dominated by something resembling a fine peanut brittle. I think it was supposed to resemble breaded fish or perhaps chicken. Either way, it was delicious. As it represents one of the cheaper options in the area, I plan to visit more. Only problem is that like a lot of Buddhist places, it closes early – in this case, 8pm.
It may be the only cheap vegetarian buffet in the area.  The terrible European style one is across the street. Several others listed on happycow do not seem to exist. This one isn’t actually on Happycow either. I should start correcting their list.

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