Qiaoyuan 喬園有機緣

Last time I went crazy about checking out many places, it was about eating vegetarian dumplings. At the moment, I am in the process of checking out all the vegetarian eateries around National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University.

The first of these I went to is called Qiaoyuan (喬園有機緣). It is a combination vegetarian restaurant and health food store. Not sure if the guy speaks English or not, but there are some good things to be found there I haven’t seen even at Cottonfields (an organic shop) like psyllium husk. It is the actual psyllium husk powder in bulk rather than the super expensive packets that are sometimes available at chemists here.

Anyhow, as it was lunch and I was thirsty, I went for a kimchi hot pot. For 180NT, I got a very large bowl:

The kimchi was very impressive. The owner makes it not only without any fish ingredients, but also without any garlic, shallots, etc. It still has a good quality taste. For less money, there are also some rice dishes available. I did not see any set meals available, though some websites seem to indicate they are available.

As it is a good value, I am sure I will be dropping by often. They are located at 台北市大安區師大路117巷6號, and the sign looks like this:


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