Whiteboard pens

By greenteapanda

November 3, 2008

Category: Education

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When I was in Korea, I was lucky to have both blackboards and whiteboards in the classroom. While many see them as equivalent, they are good for different games. Blackboards seem to work better for longer periods of time, since whiteboard ink seems to break down the surface of a whiteboard every time it is used.

There is, however, another important difference. In Korea, it often seemed like black and blue whiteboard pens were used up more quickly than the red ones. The red ones are not particularly useful in Korea, because one cannot write names with it. Writing a name with a red pen signifies the person is dead in Korea. Of course, at some point, only whiteboard pens would be available.

In my classroom here, I only have whiteboards. I have the same three colours of pens, but I don’t run out. There seem to be more blue pens than anything else, but that is not the only advantage. The whiteboard pens in Taiwan are refillable with ink. The refilling part takes a bit of skill not to make a mess, but at least it means one should always have the necessary colours available for writing.

The only problem is that the stroke on the pens get broader and broader, particularly if students have had the opportunity to use the pens on the whiteboards themselves.


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