Vitamin B12 anybody can use

When I thought about it some more, I realised that B12 deficiency is something that a lot of meat eaters have too. Even if they take supplements containing Vitamin B12. It can result because of malabsorption problems, or even meats that should have it lacking the essential vitamin. Certain medicines and hormones break down vitamin B12, and that includes hormones given to livestock these days.
Signs of being vitamin B12 deficient (note these don’t necessarily show B12 deficiency on their own, since they could be a symptom of another problem):
  • Hair loss
  • Greying hairs, particularly at a young age
  • Foggy memory
  • Tingling in the extremities (may even be misdiagnosed by the doctor as Muscular Dystrophy)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty balancing
  • Frequent migraine headaches
  • Twitchy eyes
  • Fatigue
Even if you take supplements, you still might not get the necessary amount of Vitamin B12:
  • High levels of Vitamin B1, B3, and C reduce the amount of Vitamin B12 in the body.
  • If there is not enough folate or Vitamin B6 in the body, the body won’t be able to utilise B12 that is present.
  • Most vitamin B12 (cobalamin) in supplements is delivered as cyanocobalamin. For example, Centrum. It must then be changed by the body into methylcobalamin to be useful. The process, not 100% efficient, releases cyanide into the body. To get rid of cyanide and other harmful substances, cobalamin can bind and exit the body through the colon. But since the process is not 100% efficient, it really only adds cyanide into the body. It does not increase the amount of B12 the body can actually use. Discussion here.

To get useful B12, one should take methylcobalamin supplements, particularly those that are taken sublingually (under the tongue). It is already usable by the body in this form, so it is the best way for people lacking B12 to get their body back to health. is a highly recommended source in this (very, very, very long) WrongDiagnosis thread about B12 deficiency. They ship internationally, but not to all countries. Some people also recommend taking this dibencozide B12 because the body needs it too (not vegan though). Some people deficient in folic acid suggested taking this MegaFolinic.


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