Toilet Papering

By greenteapanda

October 28, 2008

Category: Observation

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In Taiwan, toilet tissue usually does not come on a roll like it does elsewhere – it comes in a stack like the tissues used to blow a nose.

Since Halloween is this week, I thought about pranks people do elsewhere to celebrate the holiday. That included traditions elsewhere like toilet papering people’s houses. I thought that it wouldn’t happen here because people don’t have accessible private lawns in Taipei for the most part, and even when you can find TP on rolls, you only get about 8 rolls in a single package.

I also thought there weren’t any good instructions about it until I found this Wikihow article on TPing a house. Normally wikihow articles seem to be short and lacking enough information, but this toilet papering one seems to be the longest I’ve read on that website!

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