From a visitor to residence visa in Taiwan

By greenteapanda

October 27, 2008

Category: Travel

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My work permit for Taiwan finally came through last week, so the next step seemed to be to get the ARC (alien registration card). With previous foreign employees, my workplace only needed to get the ARC once the work permit came through – but those employees had extendable visas.

I obviously don’t have an extendable visa. But extendable or not, the terminology is strange. I would expect people that came to Taiwan on a visitor visa would still need to change their status to allow for employment even if the visa was extendable.

I had expected to pay 1000NT today for an ARC card (they cost 1000NT per year). I spent quite a bit more. In addition to the visa fee, 800NT fee for changing my visa status within Taiwan. 800NT is not bad – people used to have to go on a visa run out of the country, and flying out of Taiwan and back will surely cost more than 800NT. The fees for the visa itself:

  • 2200NT for people not from the USA
  • 4300NT for people from the USA

I tried to get a multiple-entry residence visa (they are listed on the Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website), but I was told that I had to get a single entry. One can get a multiple-reentry permit along with the ARC card, and it is cheaper that way since the ARC fee covers it.


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