pH 9.0+ water

One of the things I love to buy in convenience stores in Taiwan is the water. Not regular bottled water, but "PH 9.0" water. There are several brands like this, but they all come in relatively small 700ml bottles that cost around 30NT (about 1USD). Even at places like Costco, RT-Mart, or Carrefour, I can’t buy this kind of water in bulk at a discount.

What I can buy is a water filtration system. Some of the water filters can change the pH of water based on what you want to do. Some go as high as pH 10.5. The big point the advertising for these units make is that a lot of foods people eat, particularly processed foods, are acid-forming in the body. Acidity in the body makes things like cancer more likely to occur because of the greater likelihood of free radical damage.

For washing vegetables, the maximum pH is recommended. For external body use, such as in a shower, pH 5.5 (acidic) is recommended. Most of them recommend pH 9.0 -9.5 for drinking water.

In my own experience, I do feel better when I drink the pH 9.0 water. If I eat a meal that makes me feel crappy, that feeling goes away a lot more quickly if I drink the basic water. The pH 9.0 water also seems to work much better than expensive eye drops for washing out my eyes when there is junk in them.
The downside is the cost – 30NT a bottle. There is also the problem of recycling the bottles. Taipei has some of the strictest trash and recycleable goods collection in the world, which I will talk about more in a future blog entry.

The cheapest machine that can change the pH of water costs 8888NT at RT-Mart. So after 300 bottles worth, I will have already broken even. The only real challenge is to see if I can get away with installing such a filter. I will have to modify the plumbing in this apartment…


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