Taipei Botanical Garden 臺北植物園

By greenteapanda

October 12, 2008

Category: Travel

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Today I went to the Taipei Botanical garden, which itself is next to several other points of interest, like the National Museum of History. The gardens are located between CKS Memorial Hall Station and Xiaonanmen Station on the green line.

The place is free to enter, and had some sites I hadn’t seen previously in a Botanical Garden.

For example, a rare bird was apparently flying around, so hordes of people with very nice cameras came to try and grab a shot:

This seems to be a different bird than what they were looking for, but I caught this on my own camera:

Unrelated, but also of interest, there were some anime characters walking around the gardens. A model was being photographed as well at one point.

As for the plants, it was interesting how plants were not only grouped together by type, but also by function in Chinese society in certain cases. There were places where one could see the plants referred to in classical Chinese literature. Additionally, there was a whole small garden set aside for plants relating to the Chinese Zodiac. For example, as a horse, I could look at these plants:

A description of how certain plants find themselves parts of famous works of literature:

The garden is open from 4:00 to 22:00, and is free. Individual gardens inside have different opening times. The air is fresh and the garden is nearby, so I think I will go there often in the future!


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