One HD Channel – HiHD

By greenteapanda

October 8, 2008

Category: Entertainment

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The TV system that seems to have blanketed Taiwan is a 110-channel-or-so analog cable service. There is a lot of noise on many channels, presumably because this entire building is sharing one cableTV line.

Since I brought my HDTV/monitor from Korea, I have been interested in better picture quality than one can get from analog cable here. At the Guanghua Electronics Market, I noticed that they were selling boxes that offered Chinese HD programming. It even had comparisons with HD television services one can see if you get a satellite dish. It pointed out that it cost money to get those services, and that the standard language of those services was Japanese. The HiHD service would be free, at least after spending around 6000NT on the box to receive signals.

That Japanese language part might not even be so bad, given the popularity of Japanese amongst certain segments of the population.

Anyhow, since one of these boxes was on display, hooked up to an HDTV, I decided to change the channels. Out of the 15 or so channels, only one was in HD – the public broadcaster. One can get a lot more than 15 digital channels in Japan, and a lot more than 15 HDTV channels as well.

It seems my budget to learn Chinese can be spent far more effectively on delivery methods other than TV.


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