My apartment comes with Internet already installed, but it is obvious that it is 8M ADSL that has been split amongst all the other people living on the same floor. Hence, much of the time speed is actually worse than it was in mainland China.

It seems that if I had wanted to get FTTH in Taiwan, and specifically the Taipei area, I should have moved to Xindian. Chunghwa Telecom says my building is too old to get that service installed.

The fastest DSL available is apparently 8M. Even when I first lived in Japan back in 2002, ADSL there was already at 24M, and was well above 50M by the time I had left in 2005. If I were to get my own DSL line, such that I’d have exclusive use of the line, I’d also have to get a phone line installed. That in turn would make the cost far greater than the 500NT/month I pay to my landlord for the current service.


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