Eating Raw Rice

By greenteapanda

October 5, 2008

Category: Food and drink


I found an apartment, not Japanese style, that I’ve been moving into on this hot day.

Before I had even found an apartment, I went to Costco. Costco here has California Heritage Red Rice, amongst a lot of other kinds of rice. I decided to buy some in anticipation of having a kitchen in my new apartment.

As it turns out, it is very rare in Taiwan for studio apartments to have kitchens. My apartment has a fridge, but no food preparation area. A TV, which I couldn’t convince the landlord to get rid of, sits atop the fridge.

Rather than having to return the rice to Costco, I wondered – is it possible to eat rice raw?

Indeed, it seems possible. Given the cooking time for red rice, I am betting this rice will need to soak for a long time! Anything I prepare will have to be uncooked, since I don’t have cooking facilities nor any space to add cooking facilities to my apartment.


2 Responses to “Eating Raw Rice”

  1. Given that studios don\’t have ranges, would it be possible to obtain a portable electric range (glorified hot plate) from someone or maybe even Costco? If the electric wiring is questionable, then perhaps the electric range idea is not the best. Or if the wiring is sufficient, a portable electric range would at least allow you to cook things, including rice.  Prices from Google indicate below $100, although if there is demand in Taiwan, perhaps the price to be much lowr there.

  2. You can easily buy a rice cooker in Taiwan for about 10USD, but it would use up valuable space in my apartment. An electric range might go for about 50USD, but again, it would take up space. I can just as easily eat the rice raw, as long as I don\’t mind the 24 hours or so it takes to soften the rice.

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