Snow Job

By greenteapanda

October 4, 2008

Category: Living

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I have been vetting various apartments for awhile now – probably the least productive part of my search for things I will need to live here in Taipei long-term. I found what seemed to be a great, and fairly cheap apartment online – this Japanese style apartment.

When I got there, there was another foreigner already in the apartment checking it out with some Taiwanese people. I went there myself. While the place looked alright at first glance, I noticed a cockroach, wiring that could be a fire hazard (no grounding whatsoever, even for the air conditioner and fridge), and they claimed that the ad said the cheapest of their four apartments was 13,000NT. The ad only mentioned 13,000NT, and the place in the pictures in the ad they claimed was 15,000NT per month.

The other apartment was not really Japanese style at all, and smelled of smoke. Anyhow, the other foreigner decided he wanted that particular apartment. Not sure if it would happen, the person showing me the apartment allowed me to stay there. I meditated in a small alcove and noticed some slight toxic fumes I did not pay attention to when my eyes were open.

I wouldn’t have wanted the other apartment in any case, as an English-speaking foreigner next door would be detrimental to my Chinese study if I ran into him a lot.

My housing search continues…


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