The other day, I wanted to buy some Psyllium Husk powder. It is great for cleaning out one’s insides because it becomes a glob that pushes everything through your body and out the other end. It is sometimes known as metamucil. On a package here, I found that the Chinese might be 纖維粉, but I did not buy that particular product because it cost 8x as much as it would cost in the USA, and 10x as much as it would in Korea.

It was suggested I take a look at Costco. They had a product called FiberSure, which also had 纖維粉 as the ingredient. However, the English on the label did not say Psyllium, it said it was Inulin. I decided to try it and see if it was the same product or not. Inside, the product was quite different. It looked like table sugar, and tasted like cake frosting. While it did help shove some food through my system, it created A LOT of gas.

It seems better as a practical joke rather than a food additive as it claims to be. It certainly doesn’t even begin to compare to actual psyllium husk. I have since learned that 纖維粉 just means fibre powder.


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