Bars controlled by lawyers

By greenteapanda

October 1, 2008

Category: Entertainment

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Tonight I ended up going to a bar with some friends. There was a concept that would probably not ever fly elsewhere – give people four free drinks just for coming, at least if you are early enough. This wasn’t any special promotional thing either – this particular bar gives out four free drinks to customers every Wednesday night. I suppose the point is to get people started early so that they will buy drinks later on, at inflated prices.

The thing that really stood out though was the signage board above the DJ. I was surprised to see it in a bar in Taiwan rather than in a place like the US. It smacked of overzealous lawyers, and had a warning that people should not commit any sort of harassment, physical or mental, towards other people.

I thought the whole point for some people is to harass people at bars. At this particular bar, there was no significant amount of dancing because the music was all pop rock from the past few decades. The music was extremely loud. The tables did not have any of the dice games one would find in mainland China or Hong Kong. I think for people that don’t harass, the only thing people leave with is hearing loss.

I suppose the bar at least did not cause me to lose any money.


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