Extinguished desire for processed food

Even though I have been vegetarian for a long time, it did not always mean I ate particularly healthy foods. A lot of the foods I ate were high in fat, particularly as a percentage of calories. After I read The 80/10/10 Diet, I decided to put the principles in the book to good use. Basically, the book says to eat 80% of calories from carbohydrates, 10% from fats, and 10% from protein.

The easiest way to follow the suggestions is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Even breakfast cereals seem to go above the 10% of calories from fat threshold. Cereals with a lot of bran actually stimulate mucous production in the body to protect the intestinal lining, so even if those sometimes meet the fat threshold, they aren’t perfectly healthy.

The book really exemplifies the goals of a Buddhist diet. It recommends getting rid of spices, since those are mainly used to make food (often unhealthy) that you otherwise would not eat, eatable. Theravada Buddhism recommends against certain spices since they can cover up the flavour of meats and other verboten items. It gets back to the idea that if you eat food plain, you will most likely want to eat fruits.

I have continued eating an 80/10/10 diet since coming to Taiwan. I also purchased chocolate, but unlike in the past, I feel no desire to eat the chocolate. It is the chocolate I remember, but it seems nothing special compared to the fruits and vegetables I eat for the rest of my diet. The feeling I have from the fruits and vegetables is much better, even if the flavour is not quite as interesting as the junk food I usually ate before.


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