Rainiest Walk

I would have liked to have gone shopping yesterday, but it just wasn’t possible with the super typhoon. In the morning my umbrella (bought the day prior) got destroyed by the winds, despite me pointing the umbrella top into the wind. My shoes were soaked, so I bought a poncho.

I decided to go out yesterday afternoon to find some food. I used my sandals that stimulate pressure points. That turned out not to be such a great idea. Since I went to many places, I walked the entire distance to Taipei 101 from my accommodation (about 7km taking the route I did).

At points I found the water covering the pavement was far deeper than initially thought. It enjoyed the feeling of being in the water up to my knees. Eventually though, my feet were in pain from the pressure points being stimulated for long periods of time. I found it more comfortable just to walk barefoot, at least on parts of the sidewalk that were smooth. For other parts, I discovered I could turn my sandals over and connect the velcro over the opposite side. Doing so cut my small toe though, from the skin being exposed to the rough velcro.

During my journey, I tried going to a place called Cottonfields (棉花田) that has all organic items, including fruits and vegetables. It was closed. The Taipei 101 tower, which includes a Jason’s supermarket also was closed. The only places that seemed to be open were convenience stores, a Korean restaurant, and a Pizza Hut. I decided to wait until I got back to eat the apples I had.

Even though my feet hurt at the end of it all, I think it was helpful to breathe in all the clean air and stimulate my circulation.


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