Costco: Taiwan vs. South Korea 好市多:臺灣對韓國

By greenteapanda

September 28, 2008

Category: Shopping

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There is a Typhoon coming through Taiwan at the moment with heavy rains, so I’ve decided to do some comparison shopping. I hadn’t been to Costco in Taiwan before – so I went to the one in Neihu. It is the first time I’ve been to a Chinese Costco – mainland China doesn’t have any Costco locations to my knowledge.

The whole area around the Costco has many large stores, including two RT-Marts (大潤發), a Carrefour, and specialty outlet stores. The prices for all the stores were comparable to what you could find in the centre of Taipei for typical items, though they had many items you can’t get elsewhere.  Costco in particular has slightly larger sizes of socks and other clothing items compared to other stores.

The prices at Costco seemed comparable to prices at Costco in Korea. This included the membership – 1000NT (31.13USD), compared to 35,000KRW (30.17USD) in Korea. One exception was for nuts – a 1.3kg bag of walnuts cost about half as much in Taiwan as it did in Korea, likely because of Korea’s import tariffs.

Prices across stores were not much different, but Costco was cheaper than the other Taiwanese stores for grapes and Brita water filters.

I couldn’t help but notice that there were bags like the Samsonite one already falling apart (previous blog entry) but with wheels and not much heavier. Half the cost as well.


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