Scanning and Reading

By greenteapanda

September 25, 2008

Category: Living

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I am sitting here scanning like mad while I have a scanner. Every A4 sheet I can scan in and no longer need will shave 5g off the weight of my luggage. At the same time, I am reading Grist for the Mill by Ram Dass. I am using Vuescan to scan, which happens to be a lot more efficient at scanning than the Canon software that came with the scanner.

I can read one or two paragraphs at most before I need to swap papers. Because there isn’t much room, I sometimes end up rereading parts of the book while I keep up full scanning speed. I noticed a sentence very relevant to the current situation in the news on pages 94-5:

By getting economic benefits for people, if you deepen their attachment to thinking that economic benefits are going to give you total peace and happiness, you are perpetuating the illusion that causes suffering.

I’ve probably scanned more pages today than I ever have before in this lifetime in one day. The fact I keep going back and forth between the two items means I am paying a lot more attention to the book than I would otherwise…


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