The New iPods

I finally had the opportunity to go and check out the 4G iPod Nanos and 2G iPod Touches by Apple. I was interested in one because of the recording capability, but was turned off by the iPods in the store for the following reasons:

  1. I was able to crash several of the 4G iPod Nanos in under a minute.
  2. The curvature of the 4G iPod’s screen reflects unwanted light from several sources, even worse than a flat glossy screen.
  3. I can’t write Chinese shorthand or cursive on the iPod Touch and have it recognise my input correctly.
  4. The wireless speed on the iPod Touch using WiFi did not seem to be any faster than my sister’s 1G iPhone over the Edge network.

At least I have saved myself some money. Instead, I am getting a 500GB laptop drive in an external enclosure for $149, in store. I am very pleased with that price. I still need to get some sort of a voice recorder though.


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