Comcast HD

Not exactly one to shut up about such things, I pointed out how crappy the HD signal from Comcast cable seemed to be. Lots of shimmering in the background, blockiness in movement, and a general softness to the entire picture.

Naturally, my friend thought this was the best picture possible, but I really doubted that. He didn’t realise that HDTV is broadcast over the air, just as older analog transmissions are for the time being. Using my antenna meant for my computer, he could see how much sharper the over-the-air signal was compared to cable.

Using an antenna also allowed for the reception of subchannels. We were able to get 46 different channels (including subchannels) over the air, including three Chinese stations, two Korean stations, and several different weather channels.

It convinced my friend of the need to get an external antenna. Since Comcast is recompressing HD channels, it makes purchasing the HD package a waste of money. I think most programming these days is interesting for what it looks like and not for the story it tells, so watching something that doesn’t have a clear picture is likely to be a waste of time.


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