Restaurant Security

The last time I went for some Ethiopian food, my friend was not satiated. The decision was made to go to Taco Bell. A store locator indicated the one closest in terms of time was in a high crime area.

I’ve been to Taco Bell in Compton before, and did not notice anything peculiar about the drive thru windows there. Presumably if somebody wanted to rob it, it would be fairly easy.

Maybe because the one in Albany lost their bell, as seen here:


the one in Albany had much stronger security. At the drive thru window, we placed our money into a plexiglass box about 6cm thick. When open to the outside, the box was not open to the inside. After receiving the money, the Taco Bell employees put the food into the box.

We were thinking that this system would be easy to defeat by going into the restaurant and going up to the counter, but it turned out the counter had a similar shield to isolate employees from the rest of the restaurant. Other restaurants in the area also seemed to have similar barriers.

Maybe it is just because I have played a lot of Grand Theft Auto IV recently, but it seems I have been noticing a lot more signs of crime in real life than I had before.


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