Berkeley Ethiopian Food

According to Wikipedia, Ethiopian food is a common choice for vegetarians in the west to eat.
I am not so sure about that – I don’t come across it so often. In fact, I hadn’t even eaten Ethiopian food up until about a decade ago. When I did so, it was here in the San Francisco/Bay area.
I was surprised to find out Berkeley has quite a few Ethiopian restaurants. I decided to check a few out this past weekend with a friend.
The first place sat us in the corner. There were better tables, but they were supposedly reserved. Most of the restaurant was supposedly reserved. This time it seemed to be that I was not with a lover, and neither me nor my friend had the brown skin they desired to show off in front of the restaurant. Like the Vietnamese restaurant Xanh in Mountain View that seats all the white people together in a back room while asian customers are put in front, I will not be returning to that first Ethiopian restaurant.
My friend opted to get Coca Cola to drink, which happened to be served in a can with Ethiopian writing. I just drank water. We shared as might be expected. The food was tasty, though not that spicy. They did not serve enough Injera bread to eat the various foods on the plate (Ethiopian food is eaten completely with the fingers, not anything else).
The second place, known simply as "Ethiopia Restaurant" was a lot better. Prices were lower, food seemed to be better quality, and more injera was served. There was a lot more leeway to change things in their vegetarian combo meal. I may go back next weekend when that particular friend is back in town, though we have more to try.

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