IM emoticons applied to real life

By greenteapanda

September 9, 2008

Category: Living


Recently I’ve spotted some interesting ads on the BART trains around the Bay Area. It is an ad for gum, but it certainly points out how differently emotions are displayed online and in real life.

If only people were this warm normally…


3 Responses to “IM emoticons applied to real life”

  1. Cool ad! It would be nice if people were more warm like that.

  2. Today I finally saw the above mentioned Dentyne ad. There were other different Dentyne ones with the same Facebook theme, all in the same subway car.

  3. Yep, there are more than this picture shows. I just happened to get a better shot of this particular one in the subway carriage.
    It makes me wonder how the want to be popular and sending out such requests to several hundred people works out in regular life, without caring at all about them. That is the facebook model, so far as I can tell. I labelled this as an IM request since it reminds me more of the traditional instant messengers as far as sincerity goes.

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