Living Light

I went up the coast to Mendocino for several reasons. The most important one at the moment is my continuing interest in healthy, delicious food. Mendocino happens to have a place called the Living Light Culinary Institute. Everything they create is raw, vegan food.

What they make not only tastes good there, it also makes one feel good. The more food is cooked, the more tired I am after eating. Not so with raw food. The person who drove me there has decided to take a shot at vegetarianism based on how good the food made her feel after eating there.

I would love to get a raw food chef certification, but the pricing is a bit out of reach, especially considering the amount of time I would need to be there in order to finish that. I don’t know of anywhere else in the world one can actually get certified as a raw food chef, then go on to work in great restaurants and hotels around the world.

Check out things ordered while I was up there:

Entrees you might expect:

More creative entrees. Enchiladas, pizza (really does taste like pizza, even without actual cheese), pasta, hamburger, burritos…:


They also had snacks like granola and crisps. All of it was completely vegan and soy-free.

Raw food means that none of the food is cooked. That means things like the pizza crust, chips, pie crust, etc cannot be cooked above 46 degrees C. A dehydrator is required to make such items, which lengthens preparation time considerably. To make things easier on customers, all the food is served in at what first appears to be plastic.

 Seemed rather hypocritical for a place otherwise so great for the environment – no meat (and hence much less water/energy usage to grow food), all organic, all non genetically modified, etc.

It turns out all the packaging and all the forks, spoons, and knives are actually made from corn. Most of it will biodegrade in about 1.5 years, even in a landfill. While that meant the drinking straw was more brittle than usual and the fork bent getting through the thick nut mixtures in the desserts, it meant the place is staying true to its mission.


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