Muir Woods

Only about 20km away from Sausalito is the Muir Woods National Monument. It is interesting to see if you haven’t seen redwoods before, but much of the place doesn’t look too different than other forests that are easy to get to around Northern California.

The woods are more important for another reason – the triumph of an environmental cause over corporations. Originally a utility company wanted to take over the area and raze it so it could be used for commercial purposes. The owner of the land donated it to the federal government on the condition it would be preserved. The government agreed.

Besides all the beautiful scenery, it happens to be a place commemorating the founding of the UN and the effort put into the organisation by the US government back in the day. Surprising, given how ignorant the US government has been of the UN over the past decade…


For all the freedom people have, it seems it is only available in one small area near the entrance to the park:


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